Wally’s Inflatables


Open every weekend Saturday and Sunday and most School and Public Holidays, 9am to 5pm

Now open every Monday, 9am to 1pm

(unless otherwise advised)

Supervision of Kids by Parents/ Guardians

At Wally’s Inflatables parents and guardians supervise their own kids, and staff provide back up support and overall management.

An induction to supervision is provided at entry check-in.

Association with Kawana Indoor Sports

At Wally’s Inflatables we are proud to be part of the successfully operated Kawana Indoor Sports (KIS) at Warana, Sunshine Coast, which has been operating for over 15 years under the Parkes Family Management. KIS used to be a Monday to Friday indoor sports business but expanded from October 2015 and is now open every weekend and converted into a huge playground for kids focusing mainly on jumping castles, an 8,000 coloured-ball ball pit, various bubble balls and even sporting equipment for kids and parents.

Wide Variety of Recreational Activities

So for those who have traditionally benefited from our Mon-Fri sport facilities, you can now visit on weekends for a 3-court kids (as well as adults) playground . At Wally’s Inflatables we recognise a need for a wide variety of recreational activities and so have developed a unique set-up and what we believe is one of the best indoor fun and fitness options for kids of all ages 1 through to 99 !

Balance between Technology and Physical Activity

In recent times that has been a tendency for children to become more and more isolated by electronic technology (i.e. tablets, smartphones, computers and video games) and thus by providing alternative physical recreational activities that excites them just as much and maybe more is imperative for a balance in the growing like. At Wally’s Inflatables, we utilise state of the art inflatable equipment to enhance all participants involvement and experience in healthy exercise combined with fun and engaging activities within the bounds or our House Rules.



  • 12 months or younger
  • Under 5 years
  • 5+ to Adult
  • Supervisor using Equipment
  • Non using Supervisor
  • Family Pass for 4 (includes 1 or 2 supervising adults)

Walk In

  • $5.00
  • $10.00
  • $16.00
  • $16.00
  • FREE
  • $48.00


  • Our playground consists of 3 normal indoor courts filled with various inflatable equipment:
  • giant slide
  • obstacle courses
  • ball pit with 8,000 coloured plastic balls in it
  • a range of bubbles balls.
  • Please remember that access to play areas requires socks – no socks, no access! (We do have them for hire at $1/ pair or sale from a low $2.)
  • At Wally’s Inflatables you and your charges will enjoy a sun safe and all weather safe place to relax and have fun – we are designed for having FUN whether it is shining, raining or hailing!
  • Great coffee is now sold from the customer reception desk. Nudo Forte Italian coffee beans are roasted for a selection of different cuppas such as a cappucino, flat white, long black or expresso.

* * * We look forward to seeing you and your friends/children enjoying themselves here at Wally’s Inflatables * * *