We believe that This Fitness Theme will serve you well
and will give you a good image for many young and strong people!


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Event Calendar Support

Event Calendar and Event Calendar Pro full support out of the box.

Easy Styling –
Unlimited styles

1200 Premium Icon Set – $39 Value!..

Drag & Drop

The theme uses a flexible template builder that enables you to create unique pages and posts.

Online Shop

Support for the great plugin WooCommerce.

Top notch customer support

Help Desk with one on one email and ticket support and dedicated support staff ready to assist you.

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What Theme Customers Say?

Vivian P.

Inflatable Fun.


When my little girl saw the inflatables all blown up she went wild and couldn’t stop running and bouncing and sliding and even falling – but all safely. I joined her and we both had so much fun in a totally safe playground. She calls them the “blow ups” and wants to go to the “blow ups” for fun every weekend rather than to the parks. Cheap rates for under 5’s allows me to take her along to the “blow ups” whenever we get a chance on weekends."

Richard G.

Great Prices for Families.

     You can play bubble soccer with these bubble balls or just have fun rolling around bumping into each other. It’s like a totally safe form of dodgem cars but without any harsh, jolting bumps. It’s hilarious."



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